Demo slot machines from Novomatic

Demo versions of Novomatic slot are available. This is a free game using virtual money. On our site you do not need to register to try your hand at a demo game.

Is it better to play in the demo version or for real money?

Play in the demo before making a deposit or not - the choice of each player. Free Novomatic games have the same advantages as slots for real money. But they can not get a real win, experience excitement as in the game with a real deposit. Therefore, professional gamblers use the free mode only if they need to study the design of the slot, to understand the principle of its operation and the approximate payout percentage (payout).

The advantages of the demo version of slots:

  • Registration is not always necessary;
  • It is impossible to lose and lose real money;
  • The principle of the slots in demo mode is identical to how the slot machine "behaves" after making a deposit;
  • With the demo version can learn without risk application Novomatic and understand the suitability of it for games with real money or not. 

Sometimes the demo slots are limited to the standard set of bonuses, which in the game for real money is much more interesting. In such a situation, the user chooses whether to continue entertainment without the possibility of winning or to experience real excitement in quality Novomatic slots, playing for real money. 

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The advantages of playing for real money in slots Novomatic:

  1. Only in this mode you can get real winnings;
  2. You can get up to 100,000 credits per spin;
  3. Scatter and wild can quickly increase the amount of coins in the account, which can always be withdrawn to the balance of the player;
  4. There are risks in the game, but most Novomatic slots have a winning percentage of over 95%;
  5. All saved credits are the won cash, the amount of which is multiplied by the casino's accepted bet;
  6. The player himself chooses what his bet will be. Therefore, those who are afraid to take risks can choose Novomatic slots with 0.05 credits per spin. The maximum bet is usually 100 credits, but there are more risky machines, suitable for the most gambling and generous users. 

Ideally, when a player first learns the structure of the machine in a free demo game, and then tries his chances in the game for real money. Novomatic's reputation has not once been confirmed by paying out big winnings, so in the slots for money created by the famous provider, you can really earn up to 100,000 credits in a single round. 

Do you need to register to play for free? 

In most online casinos with Novomatic games registration is always required, even when using only free mode. Registration is done with the help of codes. They come by SMS and mail, so having a smartphone with an active SIM card to start playing on other sites - a prerequisite.  

Demo chips ran out, what to do? 

You can play free Novomatic games only if you have virtual coins, called demo chips. As for the other providers, the user has to limit his activity in the machines when zeroing out the game coins. 

In "Novomatic" there are always chips. If the information "demo chips ran out" appears on the screen, there is no need to panic. Just refresh the page, and after a couple of seconds the free money for the demo game will appear on your virtual account again. 

Couldn't find your favorite slot? 

We always try to take into account the wishes of users and fans of Novomatic. If among the presented slots you did not find the one you played on other online casino sites, do not worry. Just tell us about the problem by filling out the simple form below. After reviewing the application site administrators will add the slot you need in the list of slots Novomatic, and you can enjoy playing in your favorite application of the proven provider. 


How to start a game in demo mode?

To start the free game, you need to find the desired slot machine and click on the line, which says "demo". Then you should fulfill the condition of the machine - enter your personal data to register, make a bet using virtual money. This feature is almost all slot machines Novomatic, but sometimes it happens that the free game is updated and becomes temporarily unavailable. 

How long can I play demo games?

If no time limit is specified, you can enjoy free play in Novomatic slots indefinitely. But some online casinos set a time threshold for demo games. Usually it is half an hour, after which the user must either make a deposit or choose another slot to continue playing without risk to the wallet. 

Can I play demo games before I'm 18?

Any type of gambling is only available to adult users. Demo games from Novomatic are no exception. Despite the fact that they do not use bets for real money, people under 18 years of age can not register on the site with a gambling theme and play there in the demo slots. Pages of such players will be blocked without the possibility of recovery. A number of countries have even stricter restrictions, up to a ban on gambling for persons under 21 years of age.

What are the advantages of Novomatic demo games?

Free mode in Novomatic games operates without restriction. Demo chips reappear on the balance each time the player refreshes the page. Bright design, generous bonuses, full compliance with the chosen theme of the machine - these are the main features of free mode in slot machines "Novomatic". 

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