Playing online slots "Gaminator", few users are aware that behind the quality design and high percentage return of these slot machines is well known to all gambling provider - the company "Novomatic". Gaminator - a separate project of Novomatic, which previously included offline slots with lots of bonus games and other "chips. They stood in closed rooms and were designed only for the most dedicated fans of gambling. We tell you what is now meant by the term "gaminator", and how it relates to the brand "Novomatic". 

If you dream to try your hand at high-quality and yet simple slots, pay attention to the slot machines Gaminator. These slots, which were very popular back in the 90's and early 2000's. Classic slot machines, formerly called "one-armed bandits", which are now available only in online mode.

Unlike other types of slots, Gaminator game for real money is safer and more predictable. These slots are not characterized by a large number of bonuses and their variety. But they are easy to use and ideal for those who have just started showing interest in the gambling industry. 

All gaminators have a free play mode - demo. Thanks to him, the newcomer does not have to lose your first deposit, just because he did not have time to learn the principles of the slot machine. To place a bet in the demo mode, no need to make a deposit - just click on the appropriate button, and after a couple of seconds the slot will automatically start the free rotation. 

What is the difference between "Gaminators" and "Novomatic"?

Knowing the differences of slots Gaminator from other slot games Novomatic, you can understand which applications belong to them. The main difference is that Gaminator includes only certain types of slot machines, which are now commonly referred to as classic. These are the "old" slots, known even to persons distant from gambling. 

When we talk about slots "Novomatic", involve all kinds of slot machines of this manufacturer. That is, "Gaminator" is part of the "Novomatic", rather than a competitor or a separate collection of slots. The very name Gaminator in the allocation of certain types of slot machines is informal, as many years ago, this term is not called the classic online slots, and other types of entertainment in the gambling industry. 

What was Gaminator before?

The main difference between "Gaminator" and "Novomatic" is that Gaminator used to be a separate room with modern (at the time of installation) slots. It was not a collaboration of individual slot machines - just a specially equipped room for gambling. 

Time passed, and the glory of offline booths gradually began to give way to more modern versions of the game - in online mode. But many old-school players still only trusted the tried-and-true slots - the ones that once stood in Gaminator. Therefore, sellers of pirated copies of slots "Novomatic" began to speculate on the glory of the once legendary gaming rooms, offering online versions of the "real" gaminators. 

Of course, there are sites where you can play truly original versions of Novomatic slots. And among these machines are those that were once installed in rooms Gaminator. It is quite difficult to find such Internet pages, because the number of illegal replicas is hundreds of times greater than secure and reliable portals - such as our site. 

Gaminator slots now

Currently, under the Gaminator slots usually mean 90's style machines, which appeared in the online environment among the first. They are also called classic, because of the lack of trivial storylines or unusual bonuses.

Czech Republic and Vienna, there are still a few specialized rooms Gaminator, where devoted fans of offline casinos can try their luck. But most of the players who prefer time-tested games to modern Novomatic slots are looking for gaminators exactly in the online environment. 

Where better play Gaminator slots?

When a gambling manufacturer's brand becomes famous, hundreds of illegal casinos are trying to fill their sites as quickly as possible with copies of such machines. Unfortunately, Gaminator games are no exception. Given their fame in the 80-90s of the last century, many manufacturers of pirate slots willingly offer users to play the "real" Gaminator, translated into online mode. All who fall into such a trap, rather quickly drain their bank and remain with nothing.

If you want to be nostalgic, playing online slots retro style, choose only verified sites. Our portal is dedicated to gambling Novomatic, so here you will always find only licensed slot machines style Gaminator. 

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To study Gaminator slots you can use the free mode. It does not involve the risk of losing cash, but you cannot win in the demo either. After getting acquainted with the demo and understanding the principles of a particular "gaminator", you can make a deposit and bet on a verified site. 

Examples of Gaminator slot Now

If we consider Gaminator slots as online machines that embody the slots 30 years ago, they can safely include the following:

  1. Book of Ra. The plot is devoted to the theme of the game Ancient Egypt, adventure and mystery. 
  2. Bananas go Bahamas. The striking design of this slot machine distinguishes it from a series of more "boring" fruit and berry slots. 
  3. Lucky Lady's Charm. The idea of this slot is related to the various symbols of luck. To maintain the atmosphere in the slot is present and rabbit's foot, and clover with 4 leaves, and even a silver horseshoe. 
  4. Columbus. Traveller Columbus in this game gives users not only bright emotions and discoveries, but also the opportunity to win a solid amount of gold coins. 
  5. Sizzling Hot. A typical representative of the "fruit" slots with an unusual design and bright "features". 

Examples of the above slots in the style of Gaminator are only examples. Each online casino has its own "personal" list of slots, which can also be attributed to the number of Gaminator. Some even manage to fit into "Gaminators" machines that were released by a completely different supplier. This proves the fact that about the true meaning of the term in 2021, alas, few people know. And therefore most of the newcomers are lost when they are offered to try their luck in interesting slots of the "new" company, which are suspiciously similar to the popular slot machines "Novomatic". 

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