Johan Graf

Owner and founder of Novomatic was born in Austria in 1946. He spent his entire childhood in Vienna. His father opened his own butcher store after the Second World War, in the second half of the 50's, and already from his youth young Johan helped his parents with the butchering and selling of meat products.  When Count turned 23, he became the youngest butcher in his country. Johan worked with particular diligence, which caused the sales of their family store to increase rapidly. But his father did not notice his efforts. He did not give Johan any cash, despite his quality work. So at the age of 30, Johan Graf decided to leave the family business and opened his first company. 

First money of a Novomatic owner

One can say with certainty that Johan Graf is a man of entrepreneurial ability. When he was just 20 years old, he began reselling famous car brands. This brought the then novice butcher the first money he needed. 

Фотография Йохана Графа

Graf and his friend gradually saved 50,000 shillings and set up their first business. Their joint business was called Brodnik & Graf GmbH. It was the sale of imported ping-pong machines. Some people think that this first company was a fundamental factor in the future success of Johan, who became the founder of the gambling machine industry in Austria. 

At first Graf simply resold slot machines that his direct partners bought from the machine manufacturer, the American firm JPM, in Austria. But later he abandoned the intermediary scheme and became the first official representative of JPM in Austria. But even this was not enough for Johan. 

After 1970, when gambling technology was gradually moving away from mechanics, Graf had the idea of expanding his business. He wanted to produce Novomatic slot machines himself, creating a personal brand. 

How Novomatic was created

After 34 years, Johan Graf was already quite a successful entrepreneur. His joint business with a colleague under the name Brodnik & Graf GmbH was a success in Austria. But the young businessman wanted more. Soon he decides to get out of the friendly business and start producing his first slots.

Name of his future company Novomatic came to Graf's mind during one of his walks. Austrian passed by a hotel called Novotel, and he soon decided to name his brand "Novomatic". 

First registered slot new company appears in the gambling industry in 1980. He immediately attracts users bright and unusual name Admiral. Passes a year, and slot machines Novomatic Admiral successfully imported in France, Holland, Germany, Switzerland. After a couple of years in Admiral can play and residents of Eastern Europe. In 9 years after the firm's opening, Graf expands the production, founding a full branch abroad, and in 2000 begins to participate in the world's gambling industry development event ICE Totally Gaming.

In 2005 at the international exhibition ICE Totally Gaming the company presented Gaminator gaming complex. 

First Admiral Novomatic casinos

In 1991 Johan Graf's business became even more successful with the opening of the first casino in the Czech Republic. Admiral Casino Colosseum appeared in Prague, the largest casino at the time, which is still successfully operating in 2021. 

Novomatic development further

Despite the fact that the brand Novomatic, based in Austria, was quite famous abroad, at home the company was on the back burner. Among the reasons for that was a huge influence of the leader at that time - Casinos Austria AG. Company had dozens of luxury gambling establishments, access to which was available only to visitors with a high level of earnings. Smart women in expensive dresses and men in suits came to Casinos Austria AG, and the working class had only to see them off with envious looks.

Johan Graf realized that many ordinary workers and common people also wanted to try their luck at slots for money, and so he decided to develop the idea of slots in shopping malls, cafes and hotels. It was a successful experience - the number of users of Novomatic increases manifold, so a few years later Graf gradually monopolizes the market by buying shares of smaller companies.

Since 2006, Novomatic changed the direction of its activities - now the gaming conglomerate is not buying up firms that produce slots, and rents them. It turns out more profitable, and the income Graf increases. 

In 2021, Novomatic is still one of the major players in the gambling industry, as well as an influential manufacturer of online slots. "The Book of Ra", "Bananas Go to the Bahamas" and a number of other Novomatic slot machines have already become legends among fans of quality games with fair payouts, so the firm still manages to hold a leading position in the field of gambling gambling.

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