Rating of online casinos with Novomatic

Novomatic slots can have big winnings. Betting on real money is much more exciting than free spins the drum. We tell you how to play Novomatic not to lose and not to become a victim of gambling addiction. 

Casino Min. depositMin. withdrawal Welcome Bonus Rating Action
€20€15000 GET UP TO €1200 BONUS Play
€20€15000 GET UP TO €1200 BONUS Play
€20€15000 GET UP TO €1000 BONUS Play
€20€15000 GET UP TO €1200 BONUS Play

Which casino is better to choose 

Choosing an online casino with Novomatic slots should take into account a number of factors. They will help to make the right decision. 


Official Novomatic slots are available only from licensed casinos. Non-legal clubs usually do not acquire the right to use quality slot machines of the famous provider. Instead, they offer pirate copies of slots, the winnings of which are impossible to withdraw. In order not to fall for the tricks of such scammers, you should choose only online casinos that have a license.


Reputation of an online casino matters. The more popular the club, the higher chances are that it values its reputation and will only offer proven slot machines of famous brands. For example, Novomatic. 

But there is another side to fame. The most popular casinos have a lot of unofficial pages-clones. The slots installed on these sites have nothing in common with the licensed Novomatic slot machines. Therefore, you should carefully study the online casino page before making a deposit to play Novomatic slots.


Each casino has its own unique style. With it begins the craving for gambling on this site. Distinguish between licensed online casinos from the "clones" is becoming increasingly difficult, but still possible. 

Official gambling clubs have a website design, the quality of images on slots Novomatic and music is usually of higher quality than the unofficial offices. Yes, and the theme of illegal casinos will always be at least a little different from that presented on the official website of the Internet club. 


Reviews of Novomatic players - the best way to know which casino is better to register, and which clubs - to bypass. Reading reviews is better on verified sites (such as ours), forums or social groups dedicated to gambling topics. 

Keep in mind that reviews are highly subjective evaluation. And sometimes those players who are simply unlucky, leave negative comments, inventing a problem with the club and slots for no apparent reason. Also, do not trust too complimentary comments - they may be ordered or left by the administrators of the casino, which operates Novomatic slot machines. 

Casino bonuses

Each online casino has its own bonuses, which the club offers to newcomers or regular customers. Some of the online casinos highly value Novomatic slots, offering all who play slots of this supplier additional privileges. 

Bonuses list for playing Novomatic slots can change depending on the casino's promotions and player activity. Clubs where you can periodically get bonuses for playing Novomatic games:

  1. SlotV.
  2. Columbus.
  3. Vulkan 24.
  4. VAVADA.
  5. Malina.

Casino promotions related to Novomatic games are usually valid for a certain amount of time. Find information about what the player receives for the use of slots "Novomatic", you can in the promotions and "topical" section of the online casino. 

Features of playing for real money

Plus of playing for real money - the ability to quickly multiply your bet and get your winnings. Novomatic slots, the amount of credits earned can exceed 50,000 coins. 

Remember that playing for real money involves a lot of risk. Chance of losing is always there, and if it happened, do not immediately win back. Everyone has failures. But professionals in gambling by Novomatic become only those who have managed to cope with their emotions and knows how to make the right bet without great risk to the wallet. 

Gambling Control 

Games in Novomatic slots using real money should not become the main type of earnings or the meaning of life. For most fans of Novomatic slots it is nothing more than a harmless hobby, which periodically brings them a pleasant income. 

If a user notices that the constant games in the machines lead to his financial fear, nervous breakdowns, deterioration of relations with family and friends, it may be a sign of development of addiction. Get rid of the addiction on their own is difficult, so when the primary symptoms of the disease are manifested, we recommend immediately seeking help to https://www.gamblingtherapy.org/ru/.

How to protect yourself from gambling addiction:

  1. Limit time for gambling - no more than 1-2 hours a day.
  2. Do not play immediately after a big failure. It is better to wait for at least half an hour, until emotions will subside, and adrenaline will stop guiding your thoughts.
  3. Do not bet all that is on the account. The exception - the cases when the balance is only enough for 1-2 minimum bets. 
  4. Do not put gambling as a priority, giving them more time than real life (family, work, hobbies). 


What is the minimum and maximum credit in Novomatic slot machines?

Minimum credit size in Novomatic slots depends on the selected machine. There are slots that accept bets from 0.05 credits, but most Novomatic slots work at 0.5-1 credits. Maximum can be put up to 100 credits, unless a bonus is used, which automatically increases the size of the bet and the subsequent winnings. 

Should I register playing for real money?

Registration - one of the prerequisites before starting to play for real money slots Novomatic. Registration process takes only 5-10 minutes and is not difficult. Requires you to fill out the name, address, phone number and mail, come up with a username and password to log in. After confirming the code from the SMS player's personal account will be activated.

Remember that when registering, only real information is specified. Otherwise, in the future, the player will have problems with the withdrawal of funds. If the user does not want to register, he will not be able to make a deposit. Without registration you can only play in demo mode, but the list of online resources with free games Novomatic without SMS is limited. 

What is the maximum winnings in Novomatic slots?

Amount of winnings depends on the chosen slot machine. If the game has a progressive jackpot, the maximum winnings are not limited. On average, in Novomatic slots you can win from 2 to 100,000 credits per reel spin.

How to play slots for money and not lose?

Luck in Novomatic slots smiles not everyone. But experienced players are usually always in the black, as opposed to more gambling and unprofessional beginners. Always get a stable income through the slot machines, you should not play only va-bank, make large bets in unfamiliar slots or wagering in the first 30 minutes after failure. It is better to bet often, but in small amounts. Such approach will smooth out the negative impact of losing, because the user will know that he still has enough money on his balance for several bets after a failure. 

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