Selection of secrets for winning slots by Novomatic

There is no strategy that would help users to win quickly in Novomatic spins. But there are a few secrets that will help you understand the peculiarities of slot machines Austrian manufacturer. Knowing them, you can win in spins "Novomatic" faster and more confident.

How are Novomatic slots different from others?

Novomatic slots have special features. They distinguish them from countless other online machines.  


To win in Novomatic slots, you need a budget of at least 20 spins. Why is it important? High level of dispersion causes more rare, but significant winnings. Here win not immediately, but in a big way, overlapping previously lost money. 

Primitive bonuses

Novomatic slots are difficult to surprise sophisticated users, and here's why: their bonus system is considered quite outdated by modern standards. However, for some fans of the retro genre and those who are just starting to play, the simplicity of Novomatic slots seems to be their main advantage. 

Wilds with Expansion Function

Expanding wilds are certainly one of Novomatic's many "chips". But they were not always. This functionality appeared only in the modern generation of machines - these are slots version of 2015 and later. Dropping out, this symbol allows you to replace all the missing pictures in the prize lines.

Functional unity

We cannot say that Novomatic slots are very different from each other. On the contrary, most of the basic slots are so similar to each other that the player does not even have to rebuild his strategy to win. 

Limiting lines

Novomatic has frankly few winning lines. It also confirms the fact that volatility of the machine is above average. One should note that there are not many cells in the machine as well. Therefore it is really possible to win here, though less often. 

How to play and win at Novomatic slots

There are a few secrets that allow you to win at Novomatic slot machines more often and larger amounts. 

Choice of licensed casinos

Playing Novomatic slots is best at licensed online casinos. But therein lies the main problem - there are many times more illegal slots than official ones. So it is not so easy to find safe links. If you're looking for where you can play Novomatic slots, use our website.

Bank size

To win, the bankroll at Novomatic should be quite impressive. That is also related to dispersion - it is high at Novomatic, and therefore you will have to put more than one hundred bets to be guaranteed to come out in the black.

Clear Allowed Boundaries

Unlike beginners, the difference between experienced users and novice players is that professionals always know when to say "Stop". That applies to both winning and losing. In the first case, the main thing is not to give in to the temptation to continue the game, when the Novomatic slot frankly began to "drain" bets after a large rollback. Second option is more relevant to those who want to win back in the first 30 minutes after a long series of losing bets or a major setback. 

Bonus system

Not to use Novomatic bonuses - stupid. Given that Novomatic slot machines are highly volatile, without the use of bonuses here can't do without. Bonuses "Novomatic" are classic - the use of wild and scatter, the multiplication of bets and the risk game. But only thanks to them you can increase the bank, even with a long series of losses.

Owing to the bonuses of the scatter can win without losing money on the balance. For a roll of three of them are awarded freespins in the amount of 20 to 45 pieces. Pluses bonuses from Novomatic scatter is that it does not matter exactly how many scatter symbols appeared on the screen - as long as they were at least three. Also for 3 or more scatters increases the pot by a certain number of credits, according to the payout table.

Wilds, too, watch closely. When at least 1 "wild" symbol appears, it replaces the missing cells in the prize chain. When there are several wilds, they are converted into expanding wilds. 

Big wins

Payouts for the most part of Novomatic slots are carried out at a level of 95%. That is not the highest figure among all existing slot machines. However, it allows you to stay in the black, but only if the player is lucky, and he gets a big payout. 

How long to wait for a big win? It all depends on the chosen slot machine and the level of its "heating". Sometimes the user is lucky, and after 20 bets he manages to raise a pot of tens of thousands of credits. 

But more often it happens that to get the amount of 20,000 credits and more will have to wait for more than a dozen lost spins. So do not expect that a user with a bank of 100 credits will suddenly manage to win big money. Yes, it happens too, but more often it is necessary to have patience and wait in order to realize the venture. 


Try your luck in Novomatic slots can anyone over 18 years. Slot machines this manufacturer is extremely simple and exciting at the same time. Thanks to the well-established system of bonuses here you can get a whole series of free spins, during the action of which the amount of credits on the player's balance will be continuously increasing. 

You can win here, but better prepare for a long series of bad luck. High volatility does not allow you to win too often, but the big winnings at "Novomatic" are really impressive.

Should be guided by the size of 1 stake and the number of prize lines. Usually there are 9 or 10, in more modern slots Novomatic number can be up to 15. More winning lines, the higher the chances of winning. But the balance of credits in this situation literally melts before your eyes, if the user is haunted by a series of losses. In order not to lose the entire deposit, it is necessary to determine in advance the maximum possible winnings and failures, and not to exceed the established knowledge, even if it seems that "very lucky". 

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