Slot The Money Game

  • General
    • Publication: 2012 год
    • Device: PC, Mobile
    • Theme: Other
  • Financial information
    • Min Bet 0.01
    • Max Bet 450
    • Max withdrawal 4050000
  • Gameplay
    • Reels: 5
    • Rows: 3
    • Paylines: 9

Slot from Novomatic called The Money Game is literally imbued with the atmosphere of wealth, success, making money. That is why all design elements are somehow related to monetization. 

This slot belongs to the type of classic Novomatic slot machines. There are standard bonuses in the form of a scatter and wylde, as well as the risk game with multipliers. Access to the game is only for those over 18 years old. 

Game rules

Play the most money slot The Money Game is not as difficult as it may seem. Everything here is subordinate to the theme of making money, so Lady Luck often accompanies those who sincerely want to get rich with the help of the legendary machine from "Novomatic". Learn the simple rules of using the slot to start a winning streak from the first spins. 


Among the standard characters in the form of playing cards from 9 to Ace, The Money Game slot presents and special pictures that emphasize its unique style. These include the image of a mustachioed businessman, a gold dollar, a coin and various bags of cash. How much you can get for each symbol:

  • 10 to 9,000 credits for a rich man in a suit. 
  • From 4 to 1,500 credits for the fleeing bag of cash.
  • 2 to 750 credits for a closed, full sack with a U.S. dollar on it.
  • From 30 to 500 credits - for the image of a gold coin.
  • 15 to 250 credits for a purse full of green bills. 
  • From 200 to 400 credits - for a stack of dollars.
  • 10 to 125 credits for the letters "A" and "K".
  • 5 to 100 credits for 10, "Q" or "J".
  • From 2 to 100 credits - for the nines. 

The amount of winnings depends on the number of pictures that have fallen out. They must be at least two (and sometimes three). Maximum coins are credited when 5 cells with the same image appear in the selected prize lines, but this is quite rare.  


Without the scatter and the wild in The Money Game is not done. The role of scatter symbol performs the symbol of the golden dollar. When it appears on the screen in the amount of three or more pieces, the player is automatically awarded 15 free spins.

Another plus of the scatter - during the scrolling freespins money is not deducted from the balance, and any winnings are multiplied by 300%. Therefore, those who really want to win a solid amount of money should increase the bet during the period of free spins. 


Take advantage of the privileges of "The Money Game" from "Novomatic" you can always on our website. Just come in and download your favorite slot, and then play it at any convenient time.You can even install the slot machine on your cell phone, which is very convenient: you will always have your favorite entertainment at hand. 

To try your luck in free mode, registration is not required. However, those who want to experience real excitement and strong excitement, we recommend making a deposit to play with real money. 

For real money

To withdraw your first earnings in The Money Game, you will need to go into real money mode. Demo version is good, but only as an introduction to the possibilities of the slot machine. This is a harmless entertainment for beginners. More experienced fans of gambling gambling will be bored if the rate does not bring them a real profit. 

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To withdraw your first earnings in The Money Game, you will need to go into real money mode. Demo version is good, but only as an introduction to the possibilities of the slot machine. This is a harmless entertainment for beginners. More experienced fans of gambling gambling will be bored if the rate does not bring them a real profit.


If you want a universal secret that will unlock all the secrets of The Money Game, you will be disappointed. There is no way that will open all the doors to the prize lines of the slot. But there are a couple of tips that are still better to follow if you want to always come out in the black:

  • Keep an eye out for freespins. When they are credited, feel free to up the stakes in the game - in the case of winning they will be tripled.
  • Do not go all-in and do not make large bets when you have very little cash on your balance. You'll spend all the credits in just a couple of spins and do not have time to experience the joy of the process.
  • Study the slot menu before "pouring" into it all your budget. This can be done in demo mode. It's free, registration when playing on our site is not required.

Know whether you'll win today or not, with 100% certainty impossible. But always try to "warm up" the slot before leaving it after 5-10 spins. Experienced players note that after 20 unsuccessful spins "Money Game" starts working for you, generously giving free spins and throwing "wild" symbols. 


The Money Game is a classic slot from the famous provider "Novomatic". It has no special features - all the bonuses are standard, as in games with elements of nostalgia for 90s of the last century. But this is what attracts the "Money Game" those who do not like complicated schemes and "arcade" slot machines.

To cope with the game in The Money Game slot can even be a person who is far from the internet. The design of the menu is reminiscent of the screen machines, which in the 80-90s were in the supermarkets in Vienna. Therefore, the menu is easy to find the right section - all have a clear name and large icons. 

Payout percentage here is consistently higher than 94.5%. Luck smiles even to beginners, if they are not afraid to make large bets and constantly watching for bonuses. On the plus side is that to study the slot The Money Game, you can use the free game. To enter the demo version on our website registration is not required. 


How many lines can I choose to play The Money Game?

Users slot "The Money Game" can choose from 1 to 9 prize lines of the slot machine. 

How much can you bet within 1 rotation?

The stakes in the game are individual. You can put from 1 to 900 credits, in 1-9 prize lines. The bet does not change until the end of one spin or automatic game. 

How and why play the risk game?

The bonus game, aka the risk game, allows you to quickly double the size of the current bet. It is advantageous when the user is playing big and wants to win a large sum of money as soon as possible. To run the risk game, you should click on the appropriate buttons, and then select the color of the playing card - red or black. If successful, the guessing can continue up to 5 rounds, and then the risk game will have to be renewed. 

How do I quickly increase my winnings?

To quickly get more winning credits, you should control the appearance of freespins. During their action, the entire amount won is tripled, which allows you to earn quickly and without unnecessary effort. 

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